Enterprise resource planning for F&B Companies

Enterprise resource planning for F&B Companies

Enterprise resource planning ERP is an IT based management solution , which aims to the integration and flow of information between all organization departments including finance, manufacturing, warehousing, human resources, supply chain and customer management; which also facilitates planning and enables fast response time to the customers.

This system is capable of managing organization resource at all possible level and based on a process approach, this standardizes and mechanizes all processes the organization.

The importance in ERP implementation is to identify processes, procedures, requirements and organizational problems and providing appropriate solutions to improve existing processes of the organization. Eventually, ERP is an IT based management solution.

ERP implementation requires the integration of internal business processes. By the integration of business processes, management systems are now being applied on business and the individual decisions and preferences may be reduced to the least possible.

Standardization of business processes rely on the core functionality of the ERP system from Best practices also in the organization. Our ERP Products Includes:

  • • Enterprise Web Portal
  • • Knowledge Management System
  • • Learning Management System
  • Our ERP solution has been design base on food & Beverages companies & chain fast food restaurant.