Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

  • We conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness, to expect the same from our customers and business partners.
  • UKH views ethical issues fundamental to a successful business practice. Operating ethically, guarantees conducting business affairs in accordance with the letter and spirit of the applicable local and international laws.

    UKH has an established Code of Business Ethics that are actively promoted to all employees and that are deep-rooted in its corporate values. In accordance with its social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, UKH values and promotes the protection of internationally recognized human rights, consistent with the policies of the Government of Malaysia.

  • We are conscientious about the environmental impacts of our business. UKH is committed to the environment from facilitating environmental solutions to reviewing the environmental impacts of projects that it considers involving in them.
  • UKH's environmental policies govern the Corporation's overall commitments. These policies establish the principles that are followed when assessing the environmental risks of projects UKH plans to involves.

  • We always try for balance between public accountability and respect for customer's confidentiality. UKH is accountable to its shareholder, customers, employees and the larger domestic and international community.
  • UKH strives to conduct its business in a transparent manner, in order to maintain the trust and confidence of all its stakeholders, while protecting the commercially confidential interests of its customers.

    UKH recognizes that disclosure of information is critical for demonstrating accountability and public awareness of, and confidence in, the execution of its mandate.

  • We are committed to providing a working climate that stimulates and supports employee performance and development.
  • UKH strives to create a positive work environment that is meaningful and challenging to employees. UKH recognizes its employees for performance excellence and provides ongoing support for professional development.

  • We value the success of our employees. Our vision and core values outline the importance we place on people. UKH helps all stakeholders succeed with socially responsible strategies that help ensure a win for all parties.
  • We promote and encourage our employees to be active in our communities. Through various initiatives and volunteer programs, UKH and its employees continue to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the community.